2015 Spring Season Review

The 2015 Spring Regular was one for the Record Books.  The Team set records for Total Points (441), Try's (63), Penalty Kicks (12) and conversion kicks (44).  Chance Hugh obiliterated Team Individual Records for Total Points (144), Conversions (43) and PKs (11).  Darren Oliver set the record for most Try's in a season (12) and set the consectuve matches with a Try Scored at (8). A mark that was increased to 10 in the TRU Playoffs and will carry over into next Fall.  Also notable streaks include Chance Hugh's 14 Consecutive Conversions, which was ended by a near Tropical Storm Force Gust of Wind that Silky attributed to the Polar Vortex.  

Of course with all the talk of records, which invariably focuses on the Backs, we must also recognize the Forwards.  Win Noble won Man of the Match and proceeded to win the After Match "Drink Off" with his opponent which ended a streak of 17 Consecutive losses for the Little Rock Men's Team.  Charles Cromer became the Most "Advanced Aged" Person to win a Man of Match Award.

Every Season comes with its disappointments and the most monumental disappointment comes from Off the Field.  As usual it includes the Forwards.  Justin Nichols, Silky and Jason Pollack continue to under perform in any Off the Field Discussions of logic, strategy or current events.  Rumor has it that they are going to employ Al Gore to teach them logic and oratory skills and Michael Dukakis to teach them strategy.

Without further delay we can move onto the Old Boys Most Valuable Player.  This year there were plenty of candidates.  Matt Guest was the engine that made this team go.  Win Noble put this team on his back against Tulsa and refused to let it lose.  Mark Fulmer's leadership and 10 Trys put him in the discussion.  The Try Scoring Machine, Darren Oliver, consistently put the icing on the cake in every match.

However there was no one more dynamic and steady than Chance Hugh.

Old Boys Most Valuable Player for the Record Setting 2015 Spring Season: Chance Hugh

As a reward for winning this award Chance will receive two free workouts at CrossFit Midpoint.


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