Youth Team


The current Little Rugby Youth team was started two years ago by long time Stormer and Current Slime Loose Forward Dan Jones. As an outlet for his son, Logan Jones, Dan was soon joined by former South African National Player and Blue Bulls player Pieter de Hass. Pieter's son Rueben joined Logan as original Junior Stormers. The team jelled together a group of boy's from Rueben's High School, Jessieville, and Logan's School, Maumelle. The team has added players from Catholic High and Central to form a very formidable side with a record of 7-5 last season with trips to tournaments in Nashville and St. Louis.  

There are other names on the current squad that will sound familiar to the Little Rock Rugby family. Jacob Miner is the son of longtime Little Rock Rugger Jim Miner and former Ladies Player Christie Miner. Jay Fullbright who played fullback during the second Ice Age has two lads, Jason and Ryan, who are promising talents on the Junior Stormer's Roster.

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