October 21st @UofA

Little Rock traveled to Northwest Arkansas for the first friendly match of the season against Arkansas Rugby (UofA).  Unfortunately, our field hosts, John Brown University, had their away game canceled last minute, however since Saturday’s a rugby day, all three teams decided on a round-robin competition. Three (3) 40-minute halves were played:

First - Little Rock versus Arkansas
Second - Little Rock versus JBU
Third - JBU versus Arkansas

During the first matchup, Arkansas Rugby came out of the gate strong with a good running game and took the lead 14-0. After the first try scored for Little Rock by Win, LR found their stride and came back strong. Blake took a 60-meter try, then setup Tripp for the next try, placing LR in a 19-14 lead over AR. Chance got the ball off to Blake for loooong try, resulting in the final score: Little Rock, 26 and Arkansas Rugby, 14.

During the second matchup, Win scores again for Little Rock putting LR in the lead over JBU. The first match must have loosened everyone up because LR let up - Tripp and Mark scored back-to-back, then Ben scored and made his own conversion, putting LR in a 28-0 lead. JBU scored a try and made a conversion, but LR answered with Ronnie getting the ball off to Sanders for a try, then Josh making the final try for LR. Final score: Little Rock, 38 and JBU, 7.

Alexander Winans