Old Boys


The Old Grey Slime are Little Rock's Old Boys. The Old Boys encompass all former members of any of Little Rock's teams from 1974 to Current. As a competitive/social side, we annually attend the Memphis Old Boys (MOB) 7's Tournament in August and usually play a 15's Match in the fall typically at Ozark. We also put numerous hours in maintaining the Greater Little Rock Complex that every member, male or female, has had a hand in building.

The Slime also sponsor Old Boys Summer Series Touch Series. Every Thursday Night at 6:30 beginning in Mid May, rain or shine, we play with two caveats we must have 10 players committed to play by 4:15 of that Thursday and no lightening. The Touch games are open to EVERYONE, especially to brand new players. We are proud of graduating two starters to the men side.  Both of these guys, Ronnie Parkinson and Silky, started out in the Old Boys Summer Series.  We Play by "Keller Rules." The Touch Matches are followed by a Social in the Pavilion. On occasion we have guests at the Social who came out just for the Social.

For more information please contact John Menefee: jmenefee34@icloud.com


match updates

2014 was another year in the books for the Slime, and one year closer to the Grave for all of us. We were able to dust the boots off, and put a sides together to make our annual summer pilgrimage to Memphis for Elvis Seven's and the . The Blazing August Sun was manageable this year due to the 2014Global Warming Lull. The original planned side was whittled down due to several injuries suffered during a Sweat Seven's match three weeks prior. Bravely, we took 7 Players to the Millington Pitch: Kevin Heffernan, Kyle Peacock, Andrew Roach, John Menefee, Davey Mitchell, Chad Carpenter and Eric Lunsford. The final scores and our record are hazy so no report on those but the important number to remember was Memphis fielded 20 Players.